"Dere’s nuthin’ in life as proper as hunt’n from da back of a ‘ard taught wolf. Dere speed n’ grace makes da world flow by as a dream. Prey who manage ta give a good fight n’ die with some dignity are way better dan dose wot scream and soil der britches, but I take whatever I catch all da same."
Brodai, Hobgoblin Warrior.[2a]

A charging Hobgoblin Wolf Raider.

Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders are the fast, swift-moving cavalry force which act as scouts and light cavalry in service of the Chaos Dwarfs.


Wolf Riders are commonly drawn from the more nomadic Hobgoblin tribes from the east of the Mountains of Mourn and isolated bands which roam the fringes of the southern Dark Lands. They are lured into service with the Chaos Dwarfs as mercenaries, but their new lords treat them as no better than slaves regardless. These raiders, all bandits and robbers by disposition, are if anything, even less reliable than their footslogging kin - their mounts allowing them to flee with much greater speed when the need arises. This tendency is however outweighed somewhat by their usefulness as skirmishers and foragers, particularly to Chaos Dwarf slave-raiding expeditions who must travel far and wide, often into unfamiliar and hostile lands.[1a]


Wolf Raider units, usually formed by at least 5 Hobgoblin warriors led by a 'Wolf Boss', are normally armed with light armour and hand weapons and ride on Giant Wolves. They can also take up shields and/or spears, or bows.[1a]




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