Warhammer Hobgoblin Khan

A mighty Khan of the East.

Hobgoblin Khans are the lords and rulers of the Hobgoblin tribes of the Eastern Steepes.


Occasionally the spiteful infighting and backstabbing within the ranks of the Hobgoblins will throw up these particularly successful and feared killers, who will rise to prominence and style himself Khan, taking after the wilder nomadic Hobgoblin wolf-clans of the Eastern Steppes. These skulking killers can prove useful for marshalling their kin in battle, but should they prove too successful and be seen as even the remotest threat to their Chaos Dwarf masters' dominance, they will most likely end up impaled over their lord's gatepost as a reminder to others of the rewards of getting ideas above their station.[1a]

Notable Khans

  • Ghazak Khan - Mercenary Khan fighting in the Old World.


  • Hobgoblin Khan on Giant Wolf (4th Edition).


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