Warhammer Eastern Steppes

The vast, empty expanse of the Eastern Desert

The Hobgoblin Empire or the Hobgoblin Khanate of the Eastern Steppes is one of the largest and most powerful Greenskin Empires in the entire world, ruled by their legendary ruler Hobgobla-Khan. Like all empires that are formed within the large, trackless steppes of the east, the Hobgoblin Empire is not really a nation, but rather a large confederation of Hobgoblin Clans all holding fealty to Hobgobla-Khan.[1a] The empire was said to have been founded by the legendary and near mythical Khengai Khan.[4a]

Such is the extent and power of the empire that 90% of caravans going through the Silk Road which passes through their domain never reach their destination.[2a] It is said that when all the tribes loyal to Hobgobla-Khan are drawn up for battle, his horde extends from horizon to horizon. The Dragon Emperor of Grand Cathay maintains several fortresses on his western frontier (such as Shang-Yang, where the Tilean traders keep an additional mercenary garrison) to defend his realm from the wrath of Hobgobla-Khan.[1a]


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