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"I don't care for it. I'm used to longshanks like you forgetting us in the Moot. What is far more offensive is invinting me to a dinner where there are clearly no refreshments!"
Hisme Stoutheart while negotiating for his vote[2]

Hisme Stoutheart is the current Elder of the Moot and therefore one of the Electors of the Empire, although he is far more interested in the timing of his next meal than in the political intrigues of the human Electors.[1a]


During the first round of the Imperial Elections 2502 IC, Hisme voted for Graf Boris Todbringer of Middenland as Emperor, seeing him as an experienced warrior. Nevertheless, he agreed to meet with Karl Franz, the Prince of Altdorf and son of the previous Emperor. He meet Franz and his supporter, Maximillian von Königswald the Elector of Ostland, along with Marius Leitdorf, the Elector of Averland, in the Haunted Calf tavern. After being served loads of beer and oatcakes, Hisme explained he would change his vote if Franz placed a tally tax in the River Stir, forcing the Moot's rivals at the League of Ostermark to send their wool, mutton and beer trade south Stirland and the Moot to the River Aver on their way to Nuln and Altdorf. This would benefit Stirland and the Moot, as well as their neighbor of Averland, but it could cost Franz the Elector of Ostermark's vote. Karl agreed beside the risk and left his manservant at the Haunted Calf to escort Hisme home, as the Elder had stayed to drink more of the beer he would soon be taking a cut of.[2]

With all votes except one, Franz would be chosen as Emperor in the second round less than a fortnight latter.[2]


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