Demand for sorcerous support always exceeds supply, so it is small wonder that enchanters both great and small make their way to Tilea where their talents can earn them good money. The lure of adventure in foreign lands, weird new magics, and ancient secrets is a major attraction for Hireling Wizards, though others are in it for the gold like any other sane and sensible individual.[1a]

These individuals have some practiced skill with magic. Perhaps they murdered their master and are now on the run, selling their abilities to the highest bidder. Others simply can’t be tied down to any single place and see the life of a mercenary as a good means to expand their influence and study. Like any other sorcerer in the old world, mercenary wizards are not to be trusted.[2a]

Mercenary wizards serve to lend their magical talents to whatever endeavour their master hired them for. They provide council freely. In addition, they are expected to help resolve magical dilemmas and similar situations.[2a]


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