Warhammer World Map 6th Edition Black&White Illustration

The known world, with the Hinterlands of Khuresh down right.[3a]

The Hinterlands of Khuresh are located south of Grand Cathay, east of the Kingdoms of Ind and west of Nippon and the Lost Isles of Elithis. They are separated from the Southern Chaos Wastes by the straits of the Gates of Calith.[3a][5a][7a]


Snakemen illustration (2)

An evil Snakeman of Khuresh.[10]

There are many night-haunted legends emanating from the fetid jungles and deadly wastes of the far Hinterlands of Khuresh. Stories abound of the dread Snake Men and the foul and nightmarish Blood Naga queens who rule there, and it is a realm where men are no more than hunted prey, and blood and souls are the only coin in trade.[8b] The lives of the frightful serpent-Naga of dim Khuresh are said to be counted as the ages of the world, and their appetite for blood shames even the ancient queens of thrice-cursed Lahmia.[8a] Rarely do artefacts of this fell civilisation reach the Old World and all are steeped in blood and misunderstood power. One such artefact is the White Sistrum, a strange ivory-graven rattle-drum shaped like an hourglass, whose discordant music brings madness and death, and evokes the terrible rites of the Naga - invoking their power and the slaughter of forgotten ages when the cold-blooded serpents of Chaos held the world in a stranglehold of terror.[8b]

It is unclear whether these Snake Men correspond to the three big concentrations of Beastmen located to the north, center and south of the Khuresh peninsula[1a], or if they are in any way related to the Lost City of the Old Ones that lies in the center of the jungles, of which nothing is known except its location.[5a]

Though the High Elves are no longer the dominant colonial power that they once were, they still maintain two outposts on each end of the Gates of Calith.[2a][4a][7a] No Asur trade routes go to the Hinterlands of Khuresh.[4a]

Canon Conflicts

In the Warhammer Armies: High Elves books of 6th[2a] and 7th Edition[4a], the Hinterlands of Khuresh are located south of the Eastern Steppes, east of the Mountains of Mourn and north of the Kingdoms of Ind, Cathay and Nippon. In Warhammer Armies: Beasts of Chaos (6th Edition)[1a] they are not named on the Beastmen concentration map, but the southeastern peninsula is ascribed to Cathay as well. From the 7th Edition Rulebook, however, they were placed south of Cathay.[5a]

In Warhammer Armies: High Elves (7th Edition), there is a map of trade routes - one of them reaches the western coast of 'Cathay', and none go to the 'Hinterlands of Khuresh', which at this time still lay in the other's position[4a]. For this reason, we assume the designers wanted to show the silk and spices trade between Ulthuan and Cathay, and that the aforementioned route doesn't actually go to the Khuresh peninsula, but to the Cathayan empire itself.


  • Khuresh is geographically analogous to real world Southeast Asia.
  • In the non-canon Blood Bowl series, there is at least one Snake Men team - the Kureshi Kobras.[9a]
  • Khuresh is a traditional fighting style in Tuva, Russia. It is also the name of several towns and villages in Western Asia, particularly Iran.
  • A range of Snakemen miniatures were released in the mid 1980's, during the 3rd Edition of Warhammer. However, they never received any rules or official background. They were not mentioned again in the lore until the 6th Edition, almost 20 years later.[10]
  • In real-life religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, the Nāga, or Nagi, are a semi-divine race of half-human half-serpent beings that reside in the netherworld of Patala. They are principally depicted in three forms: wholly human with snakes on the heads and necks, common serpents, or as half-human half-snake beings.


  • Concentrations of Beastmen in the known world.[1a]
  • Overseas domains of the High Elves, at the height of their expansion.[2a]
  • High Elf seafaring trade routes.[4a]
  • 'The Landes and Seas of the Worlde'.[5a]
  • High quality map of The Old World
  • Hinterlands of Khuresh detailed map
  • Official map of the Hinterlands of Khuresh and Surrounding Areas


  • Snakeman Miniature (3rd Edition Citadel Finecast)
  • Snakeman Miniature (3rd Edition Citadel Finecast)


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