"And I said: Can you tell me the tale of Ranald, and how he achieved Godhood?
And the child replied: Yes. The Greatest Trick. A well-known tale. Ranaldans claim that, when mortal, Ranald was a bandit; a gentle soul who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. This so enchanted Shallya that she fell in love, ensnared by the romance of Ranald's deeds.
One night, when distributing supplies to victims of the Fly Lord, Ranald fell dreadfully ill, and was approached by Morr. Shallya could not bear the loss of her love, so she stole Ranald from her father’s grasp in the only way she knew how: she let him drink from her holy Chalice, and granted him immortality.
Ranald, now a God, laughed at Shallya's naivety. He admitted to the crying Goddess that he had never been sick at all, and that he had manipulated her from the beginning.
And I said: So, the tale is true?
And the child replied: No. It is false. The greatest trick Ranald ever pulled was convincing Humanity that he had ever been one of them.
The Testament of Pergunda, "On Righting Wrongs"[2a]
Cult of Shallya

The High Temple of all Shallya's cult is in Couronne, Bretonnia, built over a famous healing spring. Locals claim the magical waters were once poured there from the same chalice Shallya used to grant Ranald immortality, which they claim is the holy grail of the Lady, the patron Goddess of Bretonnia. Whatever the truth, it is a popular destination for pilgrims, many of whom travel there to be healed from intractable disease.[1a]


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