High Pass (called Belyerovota Pass in Kislevarin) is the northernmost pass over the Worlds Edge Mountains and certainly the most treacherous. It connects Kislev with the Great Skull Land.


The High Pass winds it's way through jagged snow covered peaks, huge glaciers, jutting rock formations and sheer cliffs. High Pass has incredibly cold temperatures, and the snow rarely melts - even in the summer. The climate is dominated by howling winds and freezing blizzards which blanket everything in a white sheet of biting cold snow. Avalanches are common.

The ferocious climate of High Pass has bred equally ferocious creatures. The pass is inhabited by all manner of vicious predators, for nothing weak can survive here, powerful Sabretusks and mountain Wolves fight for dominance. Deadlier still are the towering Yhetees who make crude weapons out of shards of ice and rock, and hunt travellers and other creatures with their vicious rending claws several inches long.

The creatures are not the only inhabitants of the area though, as tribes of barbaric northmen who worship the foul Gods of Chaos also make their homes in the area. Asavar Kul lead his large horde through the High Pass in the beginning of the Great War against Chaos.

Both Kislevite and dwarf forces fight to keep the Pass free from monsters and allow passage into the east.[1a]


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