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High Nehekharan

High Nehekharan is the ancient tongue of the nobles of that dreaded land. The written form of this language is based entirely in pictograms and has no traditional alphabet, making it extremely difficult for Old Worlders to comprehend. Indeed, many necromancers do not use this difficult language, as it is possible to use Lingua Praestantia in almost all necromantic castings because of how exhaustively specific that language is. This true necromantic tongue is only used by those necromancers who have need of it for specific rituals or seek to learn the forms first set out by Nagash.[1a]

The Arabyans call this language Nehekharin, its study is forbidden except for faithful scholars. In most cases, the tomes and scrolls that contain this damned script are burned or sealed, and just using such vile words is liable with death.[2a]

During the travels of Ibn Jellaba, he was surprised by how one of the Skinks of Zlatlan were able to converse crudely with the use of this dark language, in particular by how they used a form prior to the coming of Nagash.[2a]



  • Abn-i-khat - lit. 'Burning Stone', term used for Warpstone
  • Annu-horesh - lit. "Mountain Lords", term used for Dwarfs


  • Enmesh-na Geheb - lit 'Breath of Geheb'




  • Ushabti - lit. 'Chosen of the Gods'


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