High elf ship

The High Elves possess the finest navy in the Warhammer World.

Types of Ships

There are three types of ships used by the High Elves:

  • Dragonships are the largest and grandest of the High Elf ships. They were made of starwood from Anhara Draconis. Production of Dragonships ceased when Anhara Draconis burned down, and such they are only brought out on rare occasions.
  • Hawkships are not so large as Dragonships or Eagleships, but are swift and highly maneuverable.

Notable Admirals

Notable Ships

  • Asuryan's Fire - Eagleship.[4a]
  • Brinedragon - Flagship of Sea Lord Aislinn.
  • Finubar's Pride -- Eagleship of Captain Finlain.[4a]
  • Glory of Eataine - Eagleship.[4a]
  • Hammer of Vaul - Eagleship.[5a]


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