"Our brethren from the oldest times, the purest and truest expression of the power of life that this world has to offer. Once the skies were filled with their graceful forms and they danced about the thermals that flow over the mountains in intricate mating rituals that were a joy to behold. They sat at the feet of Vaul and set their fiery breath to heating his forges. When we went to war against the forces of Chaos, they carried the greatest of our heroes upon their backs and they were ever the first to engage the enemy and the last to withdraw from the field. Now they dwindle, as do we all, and their song is fading to memory. When they perish entirely so I think shall we and perhaps that is only proper."
Sithaebron, Dragon Lord of Caledor.[2a]

A Caledorian Prince riding a Moon Dragon.

The High Elven Dragons of Ulthuan, also known as Caledorian Dragons, are the greatest and most noble of their species living in the World.

Dragons are amongst the oldest of all living creatures. They predate the rise of Chaos, and rode the thermals of ancient volcanoes long before warm-blooded creatures ruled the world. They are wise and aloof, viewing those around them with a perspective that only the eldest creatures can share.[1a]

Every land has its legends and folk tales concerning Dragons: legends of fanged mouths that belch scorching flame, and of taloned claws sharp enough to slice through stone. In such tales, Dragons are cruel and whimsical tyrants, given to the slaughter of peoples and the ruination of cities. Certainly, Dragons are capable of such things, for their raw power exceeds that of any other living creature, and their minds are every bit as wise and cunning as the Elves'.[1a]


"Rafuel, Khalamor, Gaudringnar, Telagis, Mornavere. Their mind-voices sang to her like a choir, overlapping and pushing against one another. They were magnificent, as huge as watchtowers and blazing with colours: gold, emerald, ivory, amethyst, wine-red. The air around them shimmered with heat and magic, as if they had carved their way into the realm of the senses from beyond the veils of madness. For all that, they were no daemon-kind – they were flesh, bone and blood, as superb and pristine as fallen stars."
Liandra witnesses the arrival of the drakes.[3a]

On Ulthuan, Dragons are the subjects of legends quite different to the terrifying folk tales of other lands. Without the Dragons of Ulthuan, the High Elves would have been annihilated thousands of years ago, for the Dragons are the Elves' oldest and greatest allies. Within Ulthuan, the realm of Caledor is the home of the Dragons, and in ancient days, those noble beasts seemed almost without number. However, times have changed. Now, in colossal caverns found deep within the Dragon Spine Mountains, the Dragons sleep away the centuries. A mysterious languor that began in the earliest years of Tethlis' reign has caused more and more Dragons to enter a slumber from which only ancient Caledorian songs can rouse them.[1a]

The songs of Dragon-waking are an ancient and closely-guarded trust. Any who learn their secrets are then bound by a dolorous enchantment that will bring about their doom should ever the covenant be betrayed. Secrecy is essential for the survival of Ulthuan's Dragons, for the Dark Elves both covet and hate the mighty creatures. Though there are few Dreadlords that do not desire to command such a beast, most would as soon butcher every last one, just to deny them to the High Elves. Whilst the Dark Elves have some few Dragons of their own, they are black-hearted monsters twisted by hate - a poor comparison to the noble beasts of Caledor.[1a]

Few young Dragons are hatched now on Ulthuan. The youngest Dragons are referred to by the Elves as Sun Dragons, in reference to their hot tempers and the rich, warm hue of their scales. Those Dragons that surpass the Sun Dragons in might and enlightenment are known as Moon Dragons. The oldest and most powerful of Ulthuan's Dragons are referred to as Star Dragons, for they are truly as ancient as the very stars of the firmament. While any Dragon can savage an entire regiment of warriors, tear a Manticore apart or rip the head off a Wyvern, a Star Dragon is so physically powerful that it can battle against even the Greater Daemons of Chaos and prevail.[1a]

Notable High Elf Dragons

  • Gordinar — Sun Dragon, called Champion of the Flame.[4]




Total War WARHAMMER 2 - Introducing... Moon Dragon

The Moon Dragon.



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