A medical scholar and physician who has turned his expertise to the detection of the vampire, Doctor Hertwig Teichmann's reasons for combating the undead are quite personal. During his younger days, he was a respected doctor who practiced his beneficent arts in Nuln. he saved countless lives, and his reputation grew daily. He was destined, it seemed, to live a peaceful and prosperous life aiding his fellow man. This was not to be.[1a]

A corpse was found in an alleyway behind a seedy bar and through its heart was a stake. The watch brought the corpse to Teichmann, wondering if he could shed any light on this bizarre murder. Doctor Teichmann unwisely removed the stake to examine it for evidence.[1a]

That night the vampire returned to life. Doctor Teichmann found the creature with its fangs in the neck of his beloved fiancée, Katharina. In a rage, the doctor seized the stake and plunged it back into the breast of the vile monster, but for Katharina is was too late.[1a]

She died, and to prevent her from rising from the dead, Doctor Teichmann himself drove hawthorn through her heart and removed her head. That night, the doctor sought out the Fellowship of the Shroud, and since then has dedicated himself to seeing that his own tragedy is never repeated.[1a]


  • In the Total War: Warhammer 2 DLC, "the Hunter and the Beast", Hertwig Teichmann has been renamed Hertwig Van Hal.


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