"This is beyond my skill to heal. The wound's been infected and it's tainting his blood; he needs a doctor, or Shallya's aid. I can give you something to make sure he's comfortable on the journey to town. And something for you, too, to calm your nerves."
Kurtis Schwarz, Herbalist[2a]


Medicine in the Old World is primitive, unreliable, and expensive, so many people rely on traditional cures and medicines handed down through the centuries. In fact, many people distrust 'scientific' medicine. Herbalists, on the other hand, are respected members of rural society, although their clientele is not generally so exclusive as those of the Physicians or Apothecaries. They gather and trade in herbs and prepare herbal remedies for all manner of ills. Some do misuse their powers, procuring love or charm philtres and other illicit substances.[1a][2a] However, the profession is steeped in the folklore of the Old World and most of the common people feel the herbalist is their only friend when they fall ill.[1a]

Herb lore is passed down from masters to apprentices, so the practices have significant variations between villages and regions. Herbalists' apprentices often spend their time gathering the correct specimens for their masters, sometimes having to travel long distances for a particularly rare herb. On the other end of the ladder are Herbwises, the most experienced and respected herbalists. They are few and far between, and will be sent for in the cases of particularly stubborn or perplexing diseases.[2a]

Humans are not the only practitioners of herbalism. Despite unfair stereotypes that they're only interested in pipeweed and wyrdroot, Halflings can make competent herbalists. Wood Elves and High Elves are also known for their skillful and knowledgeable herbalists. Raconteurs in the Grey Mountains tell of when Shallya went to seek the counsel of the Asrai when she could not cure Ranald, and rumour-mongers in Marienburg speak of a secret Elven library devoted to Lileath that has a catalogue of every known herb and its uses.[2a]


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