"And to the north of the Grey Mountains, Bretonnia's sons range far and wide, honouring the pledges of old to aid their northern brothers in this time of peril. The Knights of Bretonnia lead their armies throughout the Great Forest, offering their lances against the forces of darkness wherever they are found."
Sir Henri's purge of the Great Forest.[1]

Sir Henri of Parravon was a Grail Knight of Bretonnia who played a pivotal role in the War for the Nemesis Crown.


The noble sons of Bretonnia were leading a full scale war against the invading Undead from the south. The hosts of Settra had suffered terribly at the keen points of the lances of these brave knights and glory and honour were bestowed upon many brave warriors.[1]

The Empire had much to thank these brave allies for in the search for the Great Treasure and the knights of Bretonnia knew this well. However, the people of the Great Forest had begun to mutter and grumble about foreigners and outsiders seeking power. In response, King Louen Leoncoeur ordered that his followers were to no longer seek land, but pursue only glory and honour in the crusade.[1]

In a deep glade within the Great Forest, Sir Henri of Parravon, a brave knight who had fought many battles against the creatures plaguing that realm, was chosen to receive a message from the Fay Enchantress herself. Her glorious presence appeared to the noble warrior and instructed him that all the men of Bretonnia should throw themselves into a crusade to rid the forest of evil and all greed should be put aside. Sir Henri rushed to the camp of the King and, having earned the favour of the Lady, was proclaimed from that day forth a Knight of the Grail.[1]

With Sir Henri's prophetic message, the armies of Bretonnia would quest to remove all evil from the Great Forest, and none would stand before them...[1]


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