Warhammer Helmut Feuerbach

Helmut Feuerbach, Elector Count of Talabecland (conversion by Dave Andrews).

Helmut Feuerbach, Grand Duke of Talabecland, Margrave of the East March and Beloved of Taal, is the current Elector Count of the Electoral Province of Talabecland in the Empire, known for his fiery temper and his need to exert his rule with an iron fist.[2a]


The Elector Count of Talabecland was notorious for his foul temper, and he garnered great ire from his parliament of nobles, the Merchant’s Guild, and the various temples which contribute to the running of the Talabheim governmental council. His commands sourced from capricious turns and whimsy, and he was noted for his particularly heavy-handed style of ruling. His poor judgment combined with his irritating personality resulted in a long list of people who would much rather see the Count disappear, lending credence to the rumors of a coup. It is known that Helmut has no apparent heir to the throne.[1a]

Originally, Feuerbach voted for Boris Todbringer of Middenland in the election of 2502 IC, who got the most votes but was two votes shy of becoming Emperor. Before the second round of voting, Helmut met with Karl Franz, Todbringer's main rival and the deceased Luitpold I's son. He assured him that the soldiers of Talabecland would be given part of the glory of defending the northern border with Kislev as well as any trade deals with Kislev that their rival Ostermark refused. In order to gain Ostermark's vote, Karl promised that same day not only that Talabecland would be forced to help defend the northern border, but that a tax would be placed on the River Stir that would benefit Ostermark over Talabecland. However, he was confident he would retain Feuerbach's support after his ally Maximillian von Königswald, the count of Ostland, promised he would give Helmut a tax-free trade route to Nordland. Franz was elected not a fortnight later, with all but one Elector voting in his favor.[3]

When hostilities erupted between Graf Alberich Haupt-Anderssen of Stirland and Helmut Feuerbach of Talabecland, ancestral enemies since the Time of the Three Emperors, the other Elector Counts waited expectantly to see which side Karl Franz would back. The Emperor travelled to Talabheim in an attempt to negotiate peace between the two hostile provinces. The Emperor's skill in debate was put to the ultimate test in resolving the dispute, as was his patience, but in the end both Elector Counts acceded to Karl Franz's wisdom and a potentially bitter civil war was ended before it began.[5a]


As the Elector Count of Talabecland, he had the right to wield the Runefang known as Stone Breaker.[4a]


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