Gwythraul, Lord of Nine Crags, is a celebrated figure in Athel Loren, his deeds recounted as a mixture of history and wine blurred myth. Bidden to journey within the Dreaming Wood by the goddess Lileath, he first travelled the twelve realms in search of enchanted treasures that would ensure survival in that Daemon-haunted land. In each realm, Gwythraul performed a quest of the ruler’s choosing, deeds ranging from the destruction of Beastlord Brokar, to altering the course of the River Brilienne. Laden with magical heirlooms, Gwythraul at last entered the Dreaming Wood, and was lost for many generations. Only one item — the Helm of the Hunt, Orion’s last remnant of a mortal life — survived Gwythraul’s journey, and only the bravest have dared don it thereafter. Legend counts Gwythraul’s quest as successful, though it is silent on its goal, and on the fate of the other treasures.[1a]


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