A painting of Mannfred von Carstein upon his Hellsteed[2a]

Hellsteeds are a winged variant of the more common Nightmare mounts. Although at first glance a Hellsteed is a winged horse, it is far stranger than any mortal creature. Its skin is thick and covered in hard scales, and its head is ridged with protective protrusions of bone. When cut by a foe's blade, its blood hisses black and fills the air with the stench of sulphur. Its long fangs and claws are easily capable of disembowelling an armoured man.[1a]

A Hellsteed's wings are bat-like and broad of span, tipped with talons. Some Hellsteeds have no skin, their exposed tendons and muscles stretching and bunching as they power through the air on powerful pinions. Hellsteeds often have manes and tails of flame, matching the fires that burn in their eye sockets.[1a]

Hellsteeds are notoriously vicious, and Vampires that dabble in the binding of beasts delight in breaking these wild creatures to their will. In battle, Hellsteeds are driven mad by the scent of blood and strain at their reins, eager to trample their prey into the dirt as they plunge into the fray.[1a]


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