A Bloodletter wielding a Hellblade

The name "Hellblade" has been used to describe many weapons in the writings of men and other races, but it has been used most often to describe those weapons carried by the Bloodletters, the lower daemon vassals of Khorne. The tales relate that Hellblades are razor-edged and honed on the souls of those who have fallen in battle to the Blood God's own. They are consecrated to Khorne and the bloody task of slaughtering his enemies, and glow with a power that, so it is said, can drain the very soul from a man and suck dry his shrivelling corpse.[1a]

There is some debate as to whether these items actually exist, for none have ever been found, not even on those blessed occasions that those of our Order have overcome the fiends of Khorne. Those who believe they do exist claim that they dissolve back to the primal stuff of Chaos when their bearer is slain, while others prefer that there are no such things that it is very power of the Daemon channeled through the bearers arms that forges the weapon.[1a]


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