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Heideck is an Imperial town located at the crossroads of the Old Dwarf Road just before reaching the capital of Averheim. Built as a way station at the height of the Dwarf Empire, Heideck was in ruins when humans first occupied the area in the first millenium. It has since become an important crossroad for traffic from the Upper Reik via Agbeiten and from Black Fire Pass to Averheim and vice versa. A solid, if dull place, it has a cattle market for those who do not want to go all the way to Averheim. Scholars come to Heideck to examine the remaining Dwarf ruins, and treasure seekers often visit to find the way into lost Dwarf catacombs, reportedly sealed long ago and filled with riches. Whether these catacombs exist, the Heideckers make a fair bit of coin selling "authentic" maps to credulous visitors.

Like Averheim, control of Heideck is contested by several elements. Local politicians and bailiffs work to realise the greater schemes of nobles, merchants and idealists and radicals. Some believe that Heideck will sell its support in return for a Charter of Independence, whilst others think the town will remain loyal to the Leitdorf family.

At first glance, Heideck seems typical of the towns lived in by humans. Their small cramped dwellings jostle together in untidy rows, roughly arranged about a central square. To Dwarf eyes the buildings look flimsy and precarious, and some of them show signs of giving in to subsidence and their own weight. The human inhabitants of Heideck are insular folk, though they do congregate in the town square to trade goods and visit the local inn. On closer inspection some of the buildings seem to be made with stone cut by an expert hand, and faded runic script can be seen on some of the larger blocks of masonry. In particular is a large shrine erected to the glory of Sigmar, the founder of the Empire and a friend of the Dwarfs. Many fine examples of Dwarf cut stone have been used in its construction, to the extent that it even reminds you a little of home.[1]


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