Practitioners of Hedgecraft have served Human communities in the Old World for countless centuries, and during this time the Blessed Few have mastered many elaborate practices to manipulate magic in relative safety. However, the rituals, spells, and charms they employ to cheat Tzeentch, fell Chaos God of Magic, are complex and exact, and often require a significant amount of preparation.[1a]

Hedgefolk use ingredients extensively, and require them to channel their spells in relative safety.[1a]

The Lore of Hedgecraft

Hedgecraft has been practiced for uncounted centuries in the Old World. During this time, several distinct traditions have formed. Arguably the most famous are the so-called “Cunning Folk” or “Wise Ones,” practitioners of folk magic known for their skills at warding against any evil, be it disease, mischievous spirits, or even the influence of other witches. Other Hedgefolk are expert craftsmen, able to fashion elaborate charms and talismans for various purposes. Lastly, the relatively unknown Hedge Walkers are masters of the spirit world, known for their ability to “walk the hedge,” the boundary between the physical and the immaterial.[1b]

  • Dagger of the Art
  • Fellstave
  • Goodwill[2a]
  • Halétha's Joy
  • Hedge Walk
  • Invigorate
  • Lovelock
  • Myrkride or Mirktide[2a]
  • Nepenthe[2a]
  • Nostrum[2a]
  • Part the Branches[2a]
  • Protection Pouch
  • Protective Charm[2a]
  • Purify
  • Sightstep
  • Silvertide
  • The Ousting
  • Wyrd Ward


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