Hedge Master

Hedge Master

Those fully initiated into the ancient mysteries of Hedgecraft are called Hedge Masters, although outsiders often know them as Wise Ones or Cunning Folk. Most live on the periphery of the communities they serve, and are known for their healing skills and the potions, tonics, and charms they sell. They lead private lives, keen to avoid those who may take offense at their trade and beliefs, and are generally welcomed by locals for the services they provide. A select few Hedge Masters work directly for their Hedgewise, seeking out and neutralising threats to the Hedgefolk. This is dangerous work, for it often involves direct contact with Witch Hunters and Imperial Magisters to better learn their movements and understand their motivations.[1a]

Little Known Facts

Hedge masters covet blood orchids, which are rare and beautiful flowers that are found only in exotic lands. The hedge masters believe that blood orchids have powerful magical properties, and will go to great lengths to acquire these flowers.[2a]

Some hedge masters have covert partnerships with city merchants, providing these merchants with their potions and healing salves. The masters rarely want gold in return for their goods, however – rather, they seek rare herbs in trade, or news about happenings in other parts of the Empire.[2a]

Many of the symbols and signs used by the hedge masters and their hedgefolk brethren are uncannily similar to the hand signs used by rogues belonging to thieves' guilds. Although there are enough differences between the signs to make them mutually incomprehensible, a hedge master can identify a thief using the signs... and vice versa.[2a]

Hedge masters are often sought by commoners whose homes are haunted by ghosts. The hedge masters’ ability to hedgewalk allow them to speak with ghosts, and a gifted hedge master may be able to convince a ghost to seek peace in the realms of the dead.[2a]

Although most hedge apprentices come from hedgefolk families, a minority are instead known as the Blessed Few, identified by the hedge masters for their innate mystical abilities. Hedge masters can identify the Blessed Few by instinct – noticing oddly-coloured eyes, for example, or seeing a devil’s mark. Some say that the hedge masters brew a special potion that can positively identify the Blessed Few without fail.[2a]


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