The Heckler's Market, one of the two main marketplaces in Kislev, is known as such for the long stage at its western end where the city's more vocal demagogues can vent their spleen to stallholders and customers alike. Many of Kislev's citizens choose to come to Heckler's Market simply to watch and listen to these people, and the more outrageous the demagogue, the less likely he is to be pelted with rotten food. As well as a thriving market that deals largely in non-perishable supplies, such as leather goods, swords, arrows, saddles, and the like, this square is also where Kislev's justice is often meted out on the end of a noose, for the stage was originally built as a gallows. The laws of Kislev are complex, and justice is often quick and savage; verdicts delivered from the Temple of Verena are quickly enacted here.[1a]


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