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Death cannot claim a Vampire, and time is of no consequence. All art, all music, all sport, all combat, all achievements, all learning, the wonder of nature, the paragon of animals—none of these can truly continue to excite the intellect as the centuries roll on. And so, Vampires often fall victim to great melancholy.[1a]

Since nothing brings them pleasure, they soon simply stop looking for it. They remain in their castles or palaces, unwilling or unable to go anywhere or do anything. Of course, their indolence only increases their crushing ennui and boredom and causes whatever interests they may have had to fall away—their loved ones desert them, their castles collapse into ruin, their great projects go unfinished. Eventually, they lose even the will to feed and begin wasting away or slipping into lengthy sleeps. The scattered Strigoi, their lands gone and their race decimated, often fall victim to this Insanity.[1a]

As a creature of will and passion, this is a terrible death of spirit for a Vampire—and the closest they come to suicide. Many seek a cure by fleeing into the arms of other Insanities, such as Exquisite Agonies or Terrible Thirstings, which may alleviate the effects of this madness.[1a]


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