"A Creator arises from the darkness, and life follows him. His family quarrels, blows are exchanged, and the Dark Gods pour in through the wounds. The world, once so vibrant, collapses under the weight of Chaos, but its glory can live forever so long as one remains to remember it."
Lileath, Goddess of Prophecy and Lady of the Lake.
Symbol of the Grail

The Holy Grail, key to Mankind's entrance into the Haven.

The Haven is a mystical realm created by the ancient goddess Lileath.


One of Lileath's greatest gifts was that of prophecy. She foresaw the end of the World and knew that, to safeguard the survival of its people, another would have to be created in secret. Known as the "Haven," this world was inhabited by the finest and most noble of Mankind's warriors, the mighty Grail Knights - for all of Bretonnia's greatest heroes, worshippers of Lileath as the Lady of the Lake, were resurrected in the Haven upon death, acting as both its first inhabitants and sacred guardians.[1]

The Haven's purpose would finally be realised during the End Times, when Lileath informed her Elven champion, Araloth, of a daughter born from their love, and how the survivors of the current world would become the gods of the next. She then granted the last of her ebbing divinity to her daughter, before sending both her and Araloth forth into Haven.[1]

Lileath eventually lost contact with both her daughter and her realm. At first, she feared it may have been destroyed, but it later became apparent that the Haven had been drowned out by the increasing power of Chaos, and the dawning end of the world-that-was...[1]


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