The liberal view of Marienburgers towards the use of magic has turned the city into a refuge for those wishing to practice their aethyric talents without the constraints of Imperial law. It is a natural byproduct that some of these free-thinking dabblers come across Chaos and Dark Magic in their studies.[1a]

Unfortunately, Marienburgers share the same view on the Dark Lores as their narrow-minded Imperial cousins, and allow witch hunters to operate unfettered in the city. As a consequence, the sophisticated Marienburg warlock requires a place where he can safely study "the alternative lores” without risking meddlesome interference from the authorities. Such a haven can be found along a stretch of isolated coast, several leagues northeast of Marienburg.[1a]

On the surface, the Hartshorn Lodge functions as a hunting and fishing retreat for the Marienburg gentry. The extensive lower dungeons and massive occult library suggest other activities, however. The Hartshorn Lodge is a place where the urbane warlock can study the Dark Lores in peace and share discoveries with like-minded fellows. As a service to its members, the lodge also employs a team of grave-robbers to keep its pantry stocked year round.[1a]


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