Thundertusk Ogre Kingdoms 8th Edition miniature

Ogre Hunters on a Thundertusk, the right one wielding a harpoon launcher.

Originally invented by Crobat One-and-a-Halfwit, the harpoon launcher's crude appearance belies its potency in the hands of an Ogre Hunter.[1a]

Based upon the heavy crossbows used by the lesser races but far too large and tough for a puny human to use, the launcher is capable of firing a barbed bolt as thick as a man's arm, to which coils of rope are attached. Ogre Hunters use these weapons to harpoon their cave-beast prey, digging their heels in and dragging the creature to the ground in a titanic tug-of-war before smashing their prey's cranium with a blow from their trusty club.[1a]


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