Harok typifies the swaggering engineer aviators of the Karaz-a-Karak and is reputed to be the best of the Dwarfholds' pilots. At times over the past 30 years, Harok have been given command of a gyrocopter squadron that is generally formed during a time of war.[1a]

Harok sometimes undertakes an airborne patrol of the approaches to Karaz-a-Karak, particularly on the route that leads from the Border Princes and the Empire beyond. He is usually the first to spot individuals approaching the Dwarf kingdom's borders. Harok will do a few flybys – some of which might be rather daring, as if to impress the travelers with Dwarf prowess – to determine if the unidentified group is friendly or not. If satisfied that they present no danger, Harok will call down to the intruders and demand to know their names and business. Should he be fired upon or threatened in any way, Harok will toss down a bomb or two before heading toward one of the watchtowers to alert the garrison there of the forthcoming danger.[1b]

Despite an easygoing demeanour with those he knows, Harok is a hardened individual of the ongoing Dwarf struggle against their various racial enemies. He is very direct in his dealings with others, and suspicious of any who is overly friendly. Harok is very confident (bordering on arrogance) about his abilities.[1b]


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