The Dwarf Crime Lord Harlok Balgorson runs the Golden Mug Gambling Hall. Gambling and many sensual vices are not illegal in Karak Azgal, but running a black market in stolen goods and items pilfered from the ruins surely is. Harlok operates his black market in a warehouse around the corner from the Golden Mug. He fences stolen goods, paying only 50% of their actual value; goods taken from the ruins will be bought at 40% of their value.[1a]

Harlok has an agreement with Dmitri Markov of Deadgate to fence all of the goods the Kislevian gets from his illegal entrance to the ruins. The two have a strange relationship not uncommon to leaders of crime organizations—they hate each other, but they need each other to make money. If Harlok could find a way to remove Dmitri without being implicated he would do so. The right party of adventurers might do the trick, so he is always on the lookout for new blood.[1a]


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