Hans Eggert has been the Drill Master for several years. Formerly a sergeant in the Averland militia, Eggert knows how to keep people in shape and in line. Herr Eggert is in charge of doling out punishments for minor infractions, and has a tendency of deciding that entire neatly stacked piles of cannonballs need to suddenly be moved and restacked on the other side of the courtyard. First-year students learn to hate the man, but more experienced students benefit from his softer side; they’re only made to move half-stacks of cannonballs. Herr Eggert is tall and slender, with beady eyes and closely cropped iron-grey hair, and is clean-shaven save for a thin moustache. Several knuckles on his left hand seem out of joint or at odd angles; this is a battle souvenir from combat with a Beastman. Eggert has trouble gripping much of anything with his left hand, but his right is as strong as ever, a fact he eagerly demonstrates to anyone who shakes his hand.[1a]


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