As a missionary priestess from Wolfenburg, Hanna Reinholt founded the Shrine of the Merciful Lady, a small mission dedicated to Shallya in Zhidovsk. She came to the village's forlorn community to spread the good will of the Merciful One and carry her message of peace and hope to the frontiers of Kislev. Hanna had no intention of proselytising to the masses; rather, she came with honest intentions and the hopes of truly helping these people. But isolation coupled with strange customs and a people with whom she has never had success at building a rapport have combined to weaken her resolve and make her question her faith. To make matters worse, she learned a few months ago her homeland was devastated by the Chaos Incursion, and her city was razed to the ground. Believing nothing was left for her, she has cloistered herself away in her shrine, where she now wallows in her grief, swills kvas, and grows fat with self-indulgence.[1a]

Hanna is now a short, portly woman with thinning blonde hair and wide, plain features. She wears a shapeless white smock, but it's spotted with stains. The red heart patch has come free and hangs from a few threads. While talking to others, she unconsciously picks at the heart. Hanna stinks of kvas and grime.[1a]

Hanna wears soiled vestments stained with vomit and food, and she reeks of alcohol. She has a healing draught somewhere in her shrine, probably where she left her icon of the Goddess. Her proudest possession is her drinking habit, which she indulges whenever she gets the chance.[1b]


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