"I live to destroy once more!"
The Hand of Nagash.[1]

The Hand of Nagash.[1]

The Hand of Nagash was an extremely powerful Liche, serving as one of the original Dark Lords of Nagash.


One of Nagash's most powerful arch servants was a Necromancer of no name. Serving the will of Nagash in all things, the nameless one rode across darkened lands, and terror rode with him. In time, the nameless one was given a name by those who feared his coming, the "Hand of Nagash".[1]

The Hand of Nagash was eventually defeated, and his body was imprisoned within a massive glacier located on the border between Troll Country and the Chaos Wastes. Countless centuries after his defeat, the Undead forces of his fellow Dark Lord, the Dread King, successfully managed to free the Hand from his icy prison.[1]

Mounted atop a fell chariot pulled by Skeletal Steeds, the Hand of Nagash attempted to defeat a coalition army that had been sent to destroy him. Even after summoning an army of the dead, and with all his dark power, the Hand of Nagash could not best the combined might of the Empire, Kislev and the Dwarfs.[1]



Warhammer Dark Omen - Hand of Nagash

The Hand of Nagash.


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