"Truly, to be born a Reiklander is to be born blessed by the Gods Themselves. Give thanks to Sigmar and be praised."
—'Holy Mother Halma Habermann in 2510 IC, as recorded by the humble scribe Melistius of the Order of the Anvil.[1a]'Holy Mother Halma Habermann, High Priestess of Sigmar, is the High Lord Chancellor of the Reikland Council circa 2512 IC.[1b]

She once served as a member of the Order of the Silver Hammer, although little more than rumour is publicly known about this part of her career. As a politician, she became an outspoken critic of the Colleges of Magic. As the High Lord Chancellor, her duties included acting as a spiritual advisor to Karl Franz, overseeing the Reikland Chancery, and warding the Silver Seal.[1b]

Halma Habermann is described as a vigorous woman with pale skin, ruddy cheeks, and stout limbs, who is generally affable and approachable.[1b]


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