The hags have a presence in Erengrad because there are some Ungols in the city. But their presence is smaller than they would like; the hags remember Erengrad used to be an Ungol city, and most of those living here favour a return to that situation.[1a]

Osul, one of the leaders, favours taking advantage of the depopulation from the war to tip the balance in Ungol favour. She actively recruits Ungols to come and live in the city, and she does her best to get them established. This manoeuvring involves leaning on people to provide loans or other help and hiring freelance agents and adventurers to look into problems faced by Ungol communities or prominent individuals. She would like to see a wealthy Ungol merchant but is prepared to wait.[1a]

Inalchin, a younger hag, is more impatient and arranges accidents to tip struggling Gospodars over the edge into ruin, death, and, ideally, leaving the city. She does her best to hire non-Ungol agents for these tasks and is remarkably good at hiding her own origins. She looks on the power struggle between the guilds and boyars with barely suppressed glee and is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to fan the flames.[1a]


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