May or may not be the same as House van Haagen.


The Haagen Family crest.

The Haagens emigrated from the Wasteland and even now they maintain excellent trade contacts there. Their business centres on luxury goods brought by river from Marienburg. As the greatest port in the Old World Marienburg traded in goods from all over, and the Haagens were able to bring in many exotic items to Bögenhafen. Since most of their trade is river-based, the Haagens enjoy close ties to the local Stevedores' Guild.[1a][2a]

Of the major merchant families of Bögenhafen, the Storm of Chaos hit the Haagens the worst. The war disrupted Marienburg's trade and luxury goods were not exactly in demand when it seemed the fate of the Empire hung in the balance. The Haagens tried to adjust by using their river barges to move much-needed foodstuffs north, but they've had a lot of competition and little success.[1a]

Jochen Haagen is the current head of the family. A merchant of long experience and generally level-headed, he's had to make hard choices of late due to his foundering business.[1a] The Haagen family owns a small fleet of sailing barges, a wharf with five adjoining warehouses, and offices on the Bergstrasse.[2a]


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