The Hägercrybs and surrounding towns

The Hägercrybs are a range of heavily forested hills in central Reikland, stretching from the Princedom of Altdorf to the Freistadt of Ubersreik. So rugged are they that no road runs through them east to west, a major inconvenience for many travellers.[1a] They are mainly used by men for sheep-herding, and many shepherds live throughout the hills.[1a][2a] In addition, the nobles of the Hägercrybs regularly attempt to sink mines into the hills. Most fail, but a few strike it rich, bringing great wealth to their owner.[1a]

It is claimed that the Hägercrybs were the burial place for the ancient Unberogens. Certainly many cairns and menhirs are located in highland clearings. Some tales speak of mysterious fog and unearthly moans rising from the cairns, others of ancient kings reborn with a thirst for human blood. The stories are nervously dismissed as the tall tales of drunken shepherds.[1a] Some tomb robbers are willing to brave the hills' reputation and ply their trade in the Hägercrybs.[2a]

It is also said that Dire Wolves haunt the Hägercrybs when Morrslieb is full.[1b]


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