Dwarf Gyrobomber 8th Edition Colour Illustration

A Gyrobomber unleashing his salvo of ordinance.

A Gyrobomber is a heavily-modified version of the Gyrocopter, equipped with a large payload of powerful bombs and ordinance.


Initial tests against rampaging Orcs proved successful, with the newly dubbed Gyrobomber sowing patches of destruction along its flight path. However, while the bombs did rip holes into the waves of oncoming attackers, the newly designed flying machine was not as capable at diving down to launch its bombs as was the Gyrocopter, and furthermore, the larger bombs proved more susceptible to wind shear.[1a]

All of this meant that the devastating payload was not always delivered on target. Teams of Engineers advanced a slew of ideas, one of which turned out to increase the bomb’s damage potential. By rigging the explosive content within the bomb canisters, the Engineers found they could set off a brief chain reaction, creating a ‘bouncing’ bomb that would land, explode and then set off subsequent explosions. Named the grudgebuster bomb, the Engineers were naturally defensive about it — bristling at suggestions that the bombs were less accurate, they stated that the bounces gave the ordnance a greater chance to strike its target. Tests showed that, while the grudgebuster bombs might not be any more accurate, their multiple explosions wreaked more damage than ever.[1a]

Armed with their impressive bomb racks and a nose-mounted clattergun, the Gyrobombers stream over the Dwarf battle lines seeking to obliterate the foe’s largest formations. Already, several flying formations have become famous - perhaps most notably the Skyhammers from Zhufbar and the Blackhammer Bombers of Karaz-a-Karak.[1a]


  • 8th Edition.


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