Tyrant Ogre Kingdoms 6th Edition Miniature 2

Tyrant with a Bullgut, a horned gut-plate.

The gut of the common Ogre is of utmost importance to its owner, socially, spiritually and physically. An Ogre with a large gut is seen as wealthy and strong, for he has obviously eaten well to ensure such impressive girth. The largest and most impressive guts belong to the Tyrants, the leaders and tribal kings that rule large groups of Ogres.[2a] The Ogre religion revolves around eating, and the gluttonous Butchers believe they can commune with the Great Maw through this simple act. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Ogre's vital organs are situated far lower than a man's, deep within their bellies[2a]. These organs are protected by a thick interlocking skein of musculature, and can grind and crack with terrific force, allowing the Ogre to digest almost anything he cares to toss into his cavernous maw. But the common Ogre leaves nothing to chance when it comes to his beloved abdomen, and protects his innards further with a large circular gut-plate. This is usually made of metal, beaten into shape or even cast in a mould, and will commonly depict an icon important to the owner's parent tribe, but poor Ogres are known to use hide-skins, cast off cart wheels, or even ones made of bone.[2a] The gut-plate is secured around the Ogre's waist by a heavy belt that is often used to store the Ogre's eating tools.[1a]


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