Gurug'ath of the Endless Rot

Gurug'ath of the Endless Rot

The Great Unclean One Gurug'ath was the Baron of the 6th Pestilential Circle, a power to be reckoned with amongst the interminably squabbling vassals of the Dark Gods. It was he who had fashion the plague that had brought such recent misery to Bretonnia. For that work, his most fecund father granted him the honour of leading no fewer than three of the Census Legions into battle. Upon arriving in the mortal world, Gurug'ath soon came to bask in the worship of those northlanders who saw his presence as a sign of Nurgle's favour. This idolatry, combined with an already overweening ego, quickly propelled Gurug'ath to overconfidence.[1a]


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