Gunpowder or Blackpowder, is required to fire Engineer and Gunpowder firearms, is sold in small kegs or in horns stopped with wax to prevent moisture from ruining the powder. Each dose of gunpowder is good for one shot. Gunpowder quality varies greatly.[1a]

In any event, regardless of craftsmanship, gunpowder will not fire if wet. It must be dried before it can be used.[1a]

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  • Skytitans were the earliest known users of black powder, prior to -2735 IC. Towards the end of their war with the migrating Ogres, the titans constructed great cannons mounted on their castles.[6a]
  • Dwarfs were the first race in the Old World to discover gunpowder in (conflicting/retconned lore):
    • -420 IC[3a]
    • -1997 IC and by 1800 IC they were using it in handguns[4a]
  • Black powder weapons may have been present in the Far East prior to -1750 IC when Nehekhara imported dragon-staves from Grand Cathay. It seems that these weapons however, never became commonplace in Nehekhara and Tomb Kings units do not use black powder.
  • Tileans and Estalians may have had black powder weaponry early, due to trade contact with Cathay.[2a]
  • The Empire's black powder weapons are descended from trading for Dwarf weapons, or reverse-engineering them.[2a]


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