"These former marksmen and artillerymen are as obsessed with gunpowder in death as they were in life."
The Gunnery Wights.[1]
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A pirate Gunnery Wight.[1]

Gunnery Wights are Wights resurrected from the remains of skilled marksmen and gunners, instead of fallen warriors and champions. They are commonly seen as commanders in the undead fleets of the Vampire Coast.


As most Necromancers know, it is notoriously difficult to get a reanimated minion to use a firearm with any level of effectiveness due to their limited dexterity. Some men are so adept in the use of their weaponry during their lifetimes, however, that the Winds of Magic imprint those skills upon them so they may also manifest after death. The rifle-wielding Gunnery Wights are examples of this phenomenon, carefully animated from the corpses of high-ranking marksmen and artillerymen to be as obsessed with gunpowder in death as they were in life. Most were skilled Mercenaries, part of the constant stream of brigands from the Empire, Kislev, and lawless places such the lands of the Border Princes, taking to the oceans in search of riches and adventure.[1]



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