"Gundehar of Raisol is a knight of Bordeleaux, who is engaged upon the noble quest. He seeks the grail of the Lady, and until he achieves his goal, he may not rest. His deeds are renowned all across Breotnnia..."
Calard of Garamont discusses Gundehar with an Imperial noble.[1]

Gundehar’s heraldry.[2]

Gundehar of Raisol was a famous Questing Knight of Bordeleaux.


During his long quest for the Grail, Gundehar had travelled and fought all across Bretonnia, becoming renowned as the Victor of Albermale Fields and as the Slayer of the Beast of Rachard. He was an imposing and brutal sight, unshaven, his battle gear worn and bloodied, his cloak and tabard tattered. He wielded a massive two-handed sword and rode upon a mighty steed laden with equipment and weapons, with scraps of parchment, holy writings and prayers hanging from its caparison.[1]

Gundehar was one of two famous knights to lend their hands against a massive Beastmen incursion, the other being the mighty Grail Knight, Reolus. His presence was deeply inspiring to the many Knights Errant present, particularly the young brothers Calard and Bertelis of Garamont.[1]

During the penultimate battle against the Beastmen, Gundehar rode alongside Reolus, smashing the enemy away with mighty sweeps of his two-handed sword, passion and fervour giving him strength. Alas, he was ultimately slain by a Chaos Giant, smashed asunder by a great tree trunk. Reolus would go on to avenge his ally by personally slaying the fell Giant.[1]


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