Jade College

Master Wizard Guillaume is still an active adventurer, fighting against the dark forces that despoil the works of life. As a result, he has a genuine understanding of the adventurer’s life and true respect for fellow adventurers. He expects them to return that respect, and will, if necessary, warn them that refusing to take advice from those more experienced is a good way to die horribly.[1a]

Although he wants to help, he does not know many people in Altdorf, making him of little use as a contact. He is also not willing to accompany people on their adventures; the whole reason he is in the city is to rest before heading out again. However, if they are truly desperate, he will perform The Fleshless Made Flesh for them.[1a]

Guillaume is in his late thirties and still vigorous, though he is almost entirely bald. His beard, by contrast, is long and wild, twigs and leaves quite deliberately sticking out of it. He wears green robes, carries a small sickle, and goes barefoot at all times. He is originally from Bretonnia and still has a very faint accent to his Reikspiel.[1a]


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