The most famous regiment of winged lancers are the Gryphon Legion. Born to the highest ranking nobles, these knights travel far and wide and operate as mercenaries when not called to battle by the Tzarina. The regiment was founded as the bodyguard of Tzar Gospodar IV, and they became semi-independent after encountering a great many beasts of Chaos during an expedition into the Worlds Edge Mountains. Their commander at the time, Vladic Dostov, slew a griffon single-handedly and kept the beast as a prize. From then on, they took the name Gryphon Legion and have always worn wings made from griffon feathers on their backs. Their fortified barracks are home to almost a hundred warriors and have space to house a further fifty; the barracks are equipped with stables for horses, a mess hall, and training facilities. These deadly riders are ready to ride out at a moment's notice to defend their city, and despite the recent shame of one of their number being exposed as brutal murderer, they remain one of the most honourable warrior bands in Kislev.[1a]


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