Grundel's Defenders

Baron Albrecth Grundel leading his Defenders to battle

Grundel's Defenders was first raised after the disastrous battle of the year 2421 IC when Goblin Warlord, Grom the Paunch of the Misty Mountains led an invasion through Black Fire Pass and savagely ransacked Nuln before sweeping through the heartlands of the Empire. Better coordination was needed between artillery and infantry, and in the wake of the devastation, new regiments were formed into battalions that trained and fought together.[1a]

Baron Albrecht Grudel first named and equipped those under his command and his sons have continued the tradition to this day. Tasked with protecting the batteries of cannons and mortar from the enemy, Grundel's Defenders have never failed in their honored duty. Discounting witchcraft and a few ill-fated misfires, Grundel's Defenders have yet to lose one of their precious war machines to a foe - a matter of great pride to the regiment.[1a]


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