"Gruugh agh agh waaagh!"
Ogre Battle-cry (roughly translated: "Feed me - feed me now!")[2a]
Grumbarth Symbols

Grumbarth, also known as Orgrish by outsiders, is the language of the Ogre Kingdoms.[1a] Grumbarth is a language little understood by other races, and hard going even for Ogres.[2a] It is a snorting, growling language, although many can get by in Norse and a smattering of other Old World languages.[1b] Few non-ogres know the language, although a few mercenary commanders find its knowledge useful.[4a]

Most Ogrish idioms concern food and eating, and those Ogres who speak human tongues have a habit of translating these literally, which creates interesting problems with communication. "Slim" is a term applied to most non-Ogres in conversation, and occasionally an Ogre will address another as such by way of an insult.[1b]

Most of their terms for other races translate to "food", "vittles" or similar. One story sums up the typical Ogrish attitudes to eating and fighting: an Ogre mercenary captain is believed to have said to his Human employer "Oi, slim! Shift yer starters an' will make breakfast!" which is roughly translatable as "Insignificantly small person, if you would like to move your front rank out of our way, we shall engage the enemy."[1b]

Writing & Scripture

Ogres, being completely illiterate, rely on crude cave paintings and a tradition of storytelling (or just plain old boasting) to convey the folktales and legends of their civilization.[3a]


  • It should be noted that Maneaters assimilate much of the culture of those lands they visit. More than likely this includes language as well, especially when dealing in mercenary contracts. In fact, Golfag Maneater has been known to speak Reikspiel due to his services with the Empire's military.


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