Morgan Bernhardt and his Grudgebringers.

Commander Morgan Bernhardt leads the famed Mercenary army known as the Grudgebringers.


So named after their leader's powerful sword Grudgebringer, Bernhardt's army of mercenaries enjoyed a prosperous first year of operation, commanding an unsullied respect on their home turf in the Imperial province of the Reikland. They had then marched to the troubled Border Princes, where they hoped to join a major campaign and prove themselves worthy of greater fortunes. Indeed, the Grudgebringers would go on to prove themselves without question, battling against the insidious Skaven of Grey Seer Thanquol and, in the years that followed, the Undead hordes of the Dread King.[1][1]

The Grudgebringers

  • Commander Morgan Bernhardt personally leads the Grudgebringer Cavalry: heavily armoured warriors riding unarmoured warhorses, and bearing the colours of Altdorf (a sign of Bernhardt's loyalty).
  • Paymaster Dietrich is the Grudgebringers' Paymaster, as well as being Bernhardt's oldest friend and ally.
  • Lieutenant Gunther Shepke leads the Grudgebringer Infantry: heavily armoured Swordsmen who march into battle in the colours of the Stir River Patrol.
  • Corporal Willem Fletcher leads the Grudgebringer Crossbows: Crossbowmen garbed in deep red. Their banner displays a crossbow on a halved field of red and orange.
  • Wolfgang 'Sureshot' Schwartzkopf is the tough-as-nails soldier responsible for the Grudgebringer Cannon. Schwartzkopf sports a full beard, and a big hat.

The army has contained many more units that have come and gone over time for pay, or for joint purpose, including Carlsson's Cavalry from the Border PrincesUrblab Rotgut's Merecenary Ogres from Ostland, Wood ElvesBretonniansOutlaw bandits and many, many Imperial troops.[1][2]


The Shadow of the Horned Rat

Bernhardt and his army defeated Grey Seer Thanquol in a plot to use ancient Elven stones to destroy the lands of men.[1]

During this time The Grudgebringers were joined by:

  • Ramon Black's unit of refugees sworn to hunt and slay Skaven
  • The Dwarf envoy Engrol Goldtongue and his bodyguards
  • More Dwarf Warriors led by Harkon Skullsplitter and another regiment led by Azguz Bloodfist
  • Wood Elves led by Galed and Gnarl Fist the Treeman

Dark Omen

Under orders from the Emperor Karl Franz Bernhardt quelled an invasion of Orcs and Undead into the Old World by destroying the Dread King. Whilst a mercenary, Bernhardt was loyal to the Empire. In this campaign Bernhardt was joined by many others:[2]

  • Sven Carlsson returned with his militia cavalry
  • Luther Flamestrike returned
  • Franz Erikson led the Helmgart Bowmen
  • Azguz Bloodfist's Dwarf Warriors returned to join the army in Black Fire Pass
  • Eusebio The Bleak led a unit of pessimistic Flagellants
  • Dieter Schaeffer led a unit of Greatswords in red and yellow ( Talabecland ) uniform
  • Darius Flugenheim, a man with a long straight beard and no moustache, commanded the Imperial cannon
  • Uter Blomkwist, a man with a full thick curly red beard, commanded the Imperial Mortar
  • One-eyed Jurgen Muntz led the Outlaw Infantry
  • Urblab Rotgut led an Ogre unit in Ostland colours
  • Eric Ragnar led berserk heavy horsemen. They wore horned Norse helms, and white wolf pelts whilst wielding huge axes. Some were from Norsca, others from Kislev
  • Elrod led a regiment of Wood Elf Glade Guard armed with traditional spears and garbed in long green cloaks
  • Galed returned with his Wood Elf Archers
  • Knarlroot the Treeman
  • Stephan Weiss led a small unit of Outlaw Pistoliers


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