Gruarth the Beastmaster

It is said that his name was originally Gruarth, but to most Elves he is known only as 'The Beastmaster'. He has forgotten his name and even the words of Elven tongue if he ever knew it. Now he only speaks to the beasts of the forest with their own calls and gestures. He dwells on the margins of society, but in the depths of the forest. He shares the lairs of wild beasts by night. By day he hunts with his feral brethren and feasts on the same prey.[1a]

The Beastmaster has two companions, Fang and Claw, two ferocious sabre-toothed tigers. Fang and Claw are a pair, male and female, the last of their kind in the forest. When the forest is threatened by enemies, the Beastmaster is summoned and comes forth with his tigers to do battle beside his Elven kindred. He fights alone, controlling his pack as they stalk the battlefield for prey with their long, dagger-like fangs. After the battle, glutted with flesh, Elf and beasts disappear back into the trees.[1a]

It wasn't until VI 245, during the Slaughter at Bleak Meadow, that Gruarth met his end. The Beastmaster fought and died in the dell that was his home, his dead hands locked about the throat of the Wargor who had slain his beloved sabre-toothed tigers.[2a]

Magic Items

  • The Binding Bolas: The Beastmaster is armed with a bolas – a special hunting weapon. The bolas is made of three leather thongs which are joined together at one end. The free ends of the thongs have heavy stone weights attached to them. The bolas is hurled by being swung around the user's head and released in the direction of the intended target. The thongs entangle themselves around the victim's legs and trip him over. The stone balls can also inflict a stunning wound.[1a]


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