Grotsnag conversion by Guy Haley

Grotsnag, the self proclaimed Skurj o' da Black Mown-tins, was the leader of a force of Goblin Wolf Riders known as the Red Tooth Bandits. Grotsnag is cunning and crafty, having surprised both men and dwarfs in ambushes throughout the southern Empire. He also has perfected the art of annoying his enemies to the point where they make rash decisions. He will barrage them with insults, make stupid faces at them, and emit rude noises until they foolishly charge him.[1b]

Shortly before the destruction of Bugman's Brewery, Git Guzzler dispatched Grotsnag to waylay a caravan of beer carts lead by brewmaster Bazrak Bolgan.[1a] However, Bolgan managed to escape.[2a] Later, Grotsnag lead his Red Tooth Bandits at Git Guzzler's direct assault on the brewery.[3a] After burning the settlement down, the goblins seem to have fled into the Worlds Edge Mountains.[4a]



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