Grootscher Marsh is a large marshland in the southwest of the Empire. Located at the convergence of Reikland, Middenland, and The Wasteland, it gained a cursed reputation among Imperial citizens when the Imperial army lost the Battle of Grootscher Marsh. This battle was one of the Empire's worst defeats in recent memory, and allowed the Wasteland to secure its independence.[1a]

It is well that citizens tend to stay away from Grootscher Marsh, for it really is a dangerous place. The foul-smelling marsh suffers from an infestation of River Trolls. It is said that these trolls occasionally slip into the River Reik to prey upon oblivious riverboats. Sometimes, ominous horn calls are heard coming from the marshes. But River Trolls don't use horns…[1a]

Few have reason the enter the marsh. Some go there to hunt for fungi- Daemon's Tand, Rood Puffball, and Dodeshors Polypore are a few very valuable species of fungi known to grow in the marsh. The State Armies of Reikland sometimes send soldiers into the marsh to clear it out, but this is considered one of the worst punishment details that can be given.[1a]


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