Grokka Goreaxe

Grokka Goreaxe

Grokka Goreaxe was a berserk Savage Orc Warboss who fought during the End Times.


The whirlwind of violence that was Grokka Goreaxe was almost certainly insane. After the once-curious orc gobbled down an entire patch of bloodfungus, he embarked upon a rampage across Drakwald so relentless that several tribes of savage orcs came to revere him as an incarnation of Gork. The goblins of the Drakwald forest had their own legend, believing that Grokka was a force of raw destruction that would cease to exist if the blood on his axe ever dried. With all manner of trespassers straying into the Drakwald, their theory was never tested.[1a]

End Times

When the Greenskins of the Drakwald clashed with the Nurgle hordes of Gutrot Spume, Grokka was at the very heart of the carnage, blood drizzling from the edge of his flint-blade choppa.[1]

The Savage Orc whirled left and right, the ranks of the Chaos worshippers so dense around him that his weapon could not fail to find its mark. Norscan steel cut into his arms, his chest, even his face, but instead of crys of pain they merely drew bellows of fury. The greenskins around the Warboss drew strength from their leader’s rampage, hammering the Norscans into the dirt. Then Eogric the Vile shouldered his way through the throng and took Grokka’s head from his neck.[1]

Incredibly, the decapitated Grokka fought on, claiming another two Norscan lives before another blow from Eogric’s axe cut the cadaver in two.[1]


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